Friday, September 11, 2015

Assignment Check In Slips

One of my very favorite classroom class work management tools is my assignment check in slips. I got this from my teacher that I interned under! She was the best! It is how I keep my sanity in the paper clutter that is a classroom. It helps me keep track of assignments that students have completed, when they turned it in, as well as who is still missing the assignment. That is how I track missing work. I keep them handy for everything!

When a student turns in an assignment in my room, they choose the folder for that subject area, pull out an assignment check list, slip it on the front of the folder, label it with the proper subject, assignment, and date, check their name, then put their paper in the folder in number order. Putting it in number order is SO important so that I can quickly check to be sure everyone who checked their name off actually turned it in, grade and enter them into the grade book (already in alphabetical order).

This takes a week or so for my 5th graders to master, but it is SO worth it! It makes tracking missing work a cinch! I just circle the students that didn't turn the assignment in, then ask them for it every day until I receive it and can mark their name off. Sometimes I use the slips for writing down grades as well if I don't get a chance to put them in the grade book right away. I also use the slips for walking around the room for participation grades. I hope you find this helpful! An editable version is available here!


Sarah G said...

I am trying daily 5 and cafe this year. With storytown. Read a past blog post of yours about incorporating both. How did it go? are you still using both? Any suggestions ?

Vanna, The Crafty Teacher said...

I am still using both. My daily 5 is set up more like stations or centers. The kids love it. I don't let them have more than 2 at a station (which can be the read to self, read to someone, etc.) and that really cuts down on disruptive behavior. All the while, I am working with students at my back table on skills that they need help on.