Thursday, October 17, 2013

OU Wreath

Here is a little craft for you today! I have been seeing wreaths all over Pinterest lately! I decided to try and make one of my own. After one two trips to Hobby Lobby, I was ready to craft it up!

I decided to make an OU wreath since that is my alma mater and during football season, that is all my household talks about. I started with a basic wreath form. I bought the one made of straw-like stuff because the foam ones weren't big enough at my local HL, but whichever you prefer would work. I also bought two rolls of wired ribbon in my favorite burlap and chevron print. (I bought one and it wasn't enough, hence the two trips to the store.) I also used a hot glue gun, straight pins, twine, acrylic paint, and wooden letters.

1. Start on the back side of your wreath. I tried hot-gluing down the ribbon and even stuck a few straight pins into the starting place to make sure it wouldn't come undone. Then run some hot glue around the next few inches and wrap the ribbon around it tightly.

2. Continue adding hot glue and wrapping tightly as you go around the wreath. If you run out of ribbon, glue the end down and add a couple of straight pins to keep it down tight along the end. Start the next roll of ribbon the same way as above.

3.  Continue gluing and wrapping until you get to the very end. Make sure you keep it held really tight and try to wrap it with even amounts of ribbon showing at each wrap.

4. To finish, glue the end down on the back and pin it in place as well. You can then paint some wooded letters and hot glue those wherever you would like. I tied some twine around the top to make a loop of string to hang it from.

The possibilities are endless on this project. I think it cost me about $20 and an hour to make. Not too shabby. 

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