Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Picker-Uppers

Teaching can be such a draining profession, right? Whew! Between planning, teaching, paper work, discipline, meetings, grading, and everything else that we do, it can overwhelm you quickly... Leading to low morale and exhaustion. My school counselor and I decided that our staff morale was not what it could be and we wanted to do something about it! Insert.... the The Picker-Uppers!

We deemed ourselves the Picker-Uppers because we want to pick everyone up when they are feeling down. We took up a small collection from our staff to fund our little project ($5-$10 each). Then we started looking on Pinterest and everywhere for ideas to pick people up. Here are some of the things we have done in the month since school started...

At back-to-school professional days, we did a "photo booth" by providing fun props and a hand-held camera for our staff to pose for pictures with their friends and teammates. Our art teacher then took the photos and put them on an "Incredibles" poster for us to hang in the teacher's lounge.

We made "prayer posters" by each table group at back to school meetings. They were just silly prayers for our upcoming year. Here are a few funny ones. Sorry for the blurry photos. My iPhone camera doesn't work right.

We made a "Grateful" poster that now hangs in our lounge for teachers to write reasons they are grateful to work at our school.

The second week of school we gave out bubble wrap with directions that told them to pop a row every 4-6 hours or as necessary. This was a big hit... some were asking for a the whole roll of bubble wrap!

We gave out little bags of glitter with tags that said, "Hello, I'm the happiness fairy. I've sprinkled happy dust on you. Now smile darn it, this stuff's expensive!"

We bought coffee creamer to keep in the fridge for staff to put in their coffee in the mornings.

We are having a tailgate-themed potluck today at lunch time and we got the principals to approve jeans for today! That boosts morale leaps and bounds!!

I think it has been really effective! Do you do anything similar at your school? I will continue to share some of the ideas that we use!

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