Friday, April 5, 2013

George Washington Lapbook

I spent a week at Mount Vernon this summer for their Teacher Institute! It was a fabulous week back in time. I wrote more about it here. I then needed to write a lesson plan at the end of it all. I decided to create a Lap Book about all things Mr. Washington. I love how it turned out! It is now available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Cover of the Lap Book: It is just a file folder with the openings folded into the middle. I then glued a piece of paper to the front and cut it up the middle along the opening.

This is the inside, before being filled in.

Here is the left side, filled in. 

Here is the right side, filled in.

 And.... the finished product! I have included Washington's jobs, major battles, timeline of his life, where we see him today, important figures in his life, facts, and roles that he had in history. You could change up some of them to suit your needs/wants.

I just love lap books and my students do too! They really get into making them and we especially love to use them as a review tool as we are approaching testing. I hope that you will go check it out!

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