Friday, April 27, 2012

Math Game Organization

I have tried a million different ways of organizing my math games and activities. I have tried putting them in a cabinet, sitting them around the room, and only putting out certain things. However, my current method seems to be working quite well.

I have the games organized by math topic (number sense, patterns, number operations, measurement, etc.) The students have been introduced to the games throughout the year. They are allowed to play math games when they are finished with their math work or sometimes a certain topic is assigned as part of their assignment for the day.

Students know where to find the games, based on the skill that they are practicing. They know that they are expected to put them back where they found them, so they stay really organized. Also, when I am starting to plan for a certain topic, I can pull that tub of games to put out for them to practice with. I also use the games to review skills right before testing.

So, how do you organize your math games and activities?

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