Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Pictures!

Well, I had "Meet your teacher" night last night. Here is a little tour of my classroom as it looked before parents and new students came in. It no longer looks this way due to the overwhelming amount of supplies that they bring in with them! It looks like a school supply explosion all over my classroom now! (That is a good thing though... we will definitely use the supplies!) 

View from one side of the room

Calendar, riddle, turn-in papers area, and a graph for back to school night (graph ideas are from KESAM)

Reading Corner, One-on-One meeting table, and writing center desk

My desk/area

Small group area

Reading Corner (palm trees are made from carpet tubes, paper sacks, and umbrellas)

New book baskets in which I have sorted my library by genre

Storage cubbies that hold my math and reading stations/games

Front of the room and more graphs for back to school night

Class Job Chart (every student in my class has a weekly job they are responsible for)

View from the door

Thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck to all the teachers out there getting ready to start school! Have a great year!

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