Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vistaprint Obsession!!!

I have become addicted to something... ordering personalized items from

I have ordered all sorts of things! You would think that a married young lady with no children could only use so much personalized stationary and stamps... but that is where you are wrong. I have gone on an ordering frenzy for items for my classroom! I have ordered stamps, postcards, business cards, magnets, signs, and more.

The awesome part about all of this is that it is completely FREE!!! Yes, really free. You have to pay for shipping.... most of the time. However, a couple weeks ago they had a great deal going around the internet that was free shipping on items over $1.... (free stamps happen to offer red ink for the price of $1.50)  ;)  So, all that to be said, I was able to order many free items, and also get free shipping.... just paying for the red ink that I added to my stamps. That deal is now over, unfortunately!! However, they still offer great items and deals! Once you order something, they begin to send you daily deals that you can take part in. If you do not already order from this wonderful site and are interested, let me know and I will recommend you (which I believe rewards both you and I.)

Vistaprint in no way asked me to write a little promo for them, nor do they have any idea who I am... I just love their website!

So... without further adieu, here are some pictures and descriptions of some items I have ordered. I found the ideas for these items throughout the internet and am in no way taking credit for the genius ideas. I just googled "Vistaprint classroom ideas" and it led me to all sorts of cool ideas from other teachers. These are just some that I picked out and ordered.

Business Card sized magnets to send home with the kids at the beginning of the year to stick on their fridge at home:

A yard sign that I will used to put on my door during testing... I did not order the metal stake to stick it in the ground. 

Thank you cards...
Thank you cards inside...

Return address labels that I am going to use as reminders for parent/teacher conferences. I will probably stick them in their planners that week or maybe even one on their shirts to wear home.

Car magnet that I am going to use to put my math groups under... I also made one for reading groups.

Business cards that I will sell in my class store for various passes like whiteboard pass, pillow pass, teacher's desk pass, computer time, different chair, etc.

Sticky notes that I will use to grade notebooks on. This will be a quick place to jot notes or grades on without writing on their journals themselves.

A stamp that I will use for work done together or in a small group that I am not going to formally grade.

Another stamp that I will use to stamp their planners to show that they are filled out and signed.

Business card sized magnets that I just ordered blank to write kids names on and then place under group names for reading and math.

More thank you cards...

Postcards that I will use for when a student misbehaves they can fill this out to reflect on their actions. (You get 100 postcards free)


Return address labels to use for grading writing assignments

Business cards that are blank "I have, Who has" game cards. I can then write in my own topics and laminate.

Large banner (that is a nice sturdy material) I will probably put on a bulletin board in the hallway to display our work around.


Return address labels that I can give out at random when I see something great...

Postcards that I will use to write out student's work that they missed



Business cards that I can hand out when students do something extra sweet

Stamp for when kids are absent, I will stamp the paper so I know why it is late and they know that they missed instruction over that topic (so if they don't get it we know why)

Postcards to use as birthday cards for the kids... I will have everyone in the class sign the back.



Window decal for the glass window by my door

Homework punchcard...

So, as you can see I ordered A LOT of stuff! I also ordered some things for my husband and myself that no one cares to see. The awesome thing about all of this... it only cost me $6!!! (that is with shipping and all.) Like I said, that free shipping offer is over, but watch for it to come out again. Even without free shipping, it is really reasonable.

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